30 weeks pregnant with twins

April 13, 2014

These past nine weeks I had my better and worse days...I was sick few times, my nausea came back and day after day I felt more and more exhausted. 
We had baby shower for the twins which was great and helped us a lot, because we received so many needed gifts for the girls...
My husband turned 30...
And now we are anxiously waiting for the arrival of our baby girls. Well, they can hang in there for just 4 more weeks...:)

phlegm and nausea- nothing has changed, back pain, leg cramps, 
numb hands ( I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome :/ )

The girls are active, but not as much as they were 2 weeks ago, so I'm pretty sure they are running out of space :)

spicy food and dark cherries from Trader Joe's, sparkling mineral water and dark unsweetened cold tea

On my 28th week doctor visit I gained 26 lbs...my belly looks like beach ball, my belly button is out and luckily I still don't have any stretch marks, but my skin is so tight that you can see veins through my belly

from my last doctor's appointment I was told to limit my activity because my cervix is really soft and my body frame just might not be able to handle all the weight

Signs of labor: 
soft cervix, menstrual like cramping, stabbing cervix pain

I'm really exhausted emotionally and physically... Because of the pressure from the belly it's hard for me to walk and do anything...My legs and hips are just killing me...

Recently, I had the 3 hour glucose test, because I failed the one hour...and believe me it was even more disgusting than the one hour, but luckily I passed it :) I was so afraid that I will would have to deal with diabetes...

I still miss the simple things I love to do...walking, running, spinning, my regular clothes, and since I had to limit my activity it sucks even more now than before...

We hit the 28 week milestone, which gives the girls better chances of survival if anything would happen to force them out early and it also means we don't  have long to go  to hit 32 weeks...yay!!!

oh and I'm working on my next project, so stay tuned...
and here is a sneak peek of my paper crafts that I used on our baby shower...

paper rosette backdrop

hand painted mason jars, paper centerpieces & fresh cut flowers

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