because there are different colors than pink and blue

October 22, 2013

When both our kids were born, they didn't have their own rooms until they turned a year. For some people it seemed weird, but it was our choice, and we didn't regret it at all. Why? Because, I really don't understand the need for newborns to have their own room right away... and since our kids slept in the crib in our bedroom, it was just convenient for us...while nursing and I didn't need to check nanny every 5 minutes if they would be in another room the first few months. ( maybe, it's just my impression).
And, even though they now have their own rooms, we are not against  it if they want to sleep with us,
 maybe it's what they need at this time. 
The only thing I regret :) is the way I decided to design my daughter's room. And, quite frankly there isn't anything wrong with her room, besides the fact it's all pink...and my daughter is all into pink now, and there are no words that would convince her to change for any other color, besides just darker or lighter tones of pink, at least for now. So, sometimes I just regret that I didn't paint it another color, like neutral, just to introduce her to something else than just pink craziness, because there are so many cute options besides pink and purple for girls and blue for boys....

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photo booth fun

October 8, 2013

It happened. Both kids are sick. First, A. got fever on Friday, so we were at home all weekend long, watching movies, playing, reading....and then Sunday night came and K. got a fever too...
So, yesterday was rough, since I had to carry 25 lbs almost all day long, because K.'s fever didn't drop much since he didn't want to drink his medicine and spit almost everything out when I when my hubby came I was just frustrated without any reason and I had to go out...I know my children are sick and I shouldn't be, I went for a quick run, freshened my mind and came up with an idea....let's make a photo booth with kids and then take funny pics...
It took me all evening to make these paper rosette flowers, pom pom tissue and background, 
but A. and K. were thrilled and loved it. It's kind of a mish mash set since I used things that we had at home.
And since  A. loves Dancing With The Stars, we didn't have much time to take the children's photos.
So, stay tuned for maybe a Halloween photo booth session soon.

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little world

October 5, 2013

To be honest it took me a while to convince my husband about this project...and finally he said YES:)
So, let's get started....

Her name starts with A..., His with K...
She loves ballerinas, puppies, ice creams and tutu skirts...
He is all about Jake and Sofia :)
There are three years between them and they are different as night and day...
So, welcome to little voguish world where I'm going to share all the little things that make our lives sweeter together.


K's jacket, long pants & shorts, green top, vest  H&M
blue top Zara
shoes Saucony

A's dress, sweatpants Gap
harem pants, jacket H&M
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