21 weeks pregnant with twins

February 5, 2014

I finally feel better...yay :) I still have a problem with excessive phlegm in the morning that causes vomiting, and I feel nauseous from time to time ( especially in the evening when I'm tired ), but at least I have the perspective that not long ago it was worse. 
Finally, this Monday we found out what we are having...So, there's going to be two more girls. My poor husband and son :). But, to be honest no matter what we would have, I'm just glad that the babies are healthy and they look great. I was stressed all weekend about this scan...So, it was a relief.

phlegm and nausea - I hope that I will not have to deal with it to the end of my pregnancy :)
leg cramps, sore breasts, back pain

more and more, definitely Baby A is more active that Baby B

spicy food, fish, arugula, nectarines and sparkling mineral water
When it comes to spicy food, I had to limit my tabasco hot sauce, since I started to break out badly.
Overall I really do my best to eat healthy.

weight gain around 18 lbs, belly definitely bigger than in singleton pregnancy, belly button almost out,
 no stretch marks

prenatal Pilates, walking on treadmill and chasing my kids all day long :)

Signs of labor:
luckily none
cervix long, contraction from time to time

It was a relief to learn, after Monday's scan, that the babies are doing great. I'm still more anxious during this pregnancy, than in the two before, but maybe double blessing equals double worrying :)

I'm frustrated when some people look at my belly and call me fat. I don't think it's the right word. I don't devour doughnuts, I'm carrying two babies!!! My hormonal roller coaster... it depresses me.

I miss spinning, running and sushi and sleeping on my belly.

I would love to sleep through the night without going to bathroom every couple of hours.

Waiting anxiously to the first milestone 24 weeks...

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