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February 5, 2014

These past four months were crazy...
So, first of all, we are expecting...and everything would be perfect if I didn't constantly vomit for the last three months....I was just miserable...but, I tried to be patient and believe that my sickness will be over soon
(it's just how I felt during my last two pregnancies more or less, so I had a thought). 
 Then we found out the reason why I was so sick...twins...yes, we are expecting twins....And to be honest the big news was a lot to handle...I can't say I wasn't happy, but when we were only planning for a third child, I didn't even think about the possibility of having twins for a sec.... So, it took me a while to adjust to the big news...and even now even though I'm still scared, anxious, worried, I already love my little ones and can't imagine not having them in my belly.
 I know it's going to be damn hard at the beginning, but impossible is possible, right?
Now, I'm five months pregnant, and I definitely feel better..I still have worse and better days, I still hug a bowl from time to time but I'm slowly getting back on track, and I am really looking forward to May to finally meet them.

First four months were horrible but thanks to Zofran I was able to function just a little bit. 
Nausea, vomiting, excessive saliva & phlegm - nothing really helped, and I think I tried every home remedy that exists :)

Quite frankly, I don't even remember how I survived this time, because I was a total mess. I just remember laying in my bed and doing nothing. 

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